Fun Presidential Facts: Washington

+Washington was never actually appointed to be the first president in complete election. Everyone knew that Washington was going to be elected, but fierce political battles in the New York State legislature meant that not a single vote from New York was cast in 1789. The State Government of New York also could not agree on two senators to send to Washington, and so were not represented in the first session of Congress in the US Senate.

+Washington was far from a universally loved president until very recently. In his days, newspaper editors often described him in less that flattering terms:

“If every a nation was debauched by a man, the American Nation has been by Washington.”

[on the news of Washington’s death] Every heart in unison with the freedom and happiness of the people, ought to beat high in exultation, that the name of Washington ceases from this day to give a currency to political iniquity and to legalize corruption.” Philadelphia Aurora

+Washington was not a religious man. He did not go to church unless required to, was not fond of referring to Christ in correspondence, and went out of his way to avoid invocating God in political or public settings. Even in his dying hours, Washington never mentioned God or religion at all, and left no money for religious causes in his will.

+Washington liked dirty jokes and is on one occasion joked about a jenny that “like a true female” seemed to enjoy being penetrated by a disproportionally sized jackass. In the late 1920’s multimillionaire J.P Morgan bought letters that were written by Washington, only to burn them because they were “smutty.”

+Despite the legendary image of Washington as a poor farmer, he was one of the wealthiest men in the country at the time. His family motto? “Exitus acta probat – The end justifies the means”

+Washington had a wild temper that, as Jefferson’s states “was naturally irritable” and when “it broke it’s bonds, he was most tremendous in his wraith.” Jefferson also records an incident in which Washington bitched Alexander Hamilton out for being ten minutes late to a meeting for so long, Hamilton quit Washington’s staff in disgust.

+Washington was the #1 Whiskey distiller in the U.S. who had a whiskey distillery at Mount Vernon that at it’s height produced 11,000 gallons of corn and rye Whiskey as well as runs of fruit brandy. Want to know more? Go HERE.


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