Spanish Freedom of Speech Dies an Ignoble Death

First some background from the BBC:

Two Spanish cartoonists have been found guilty of offending the royal family and fined 3,000 euros (£2,100) each.

Their cartoon, on the front page of the weekly satirical magazine El Jueves in July, depicted Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia having sex. The edition was pulled from newsstands across the country by police. A judge said that El Jueves’ Guillermo Torres and Manel Fontdevila “had vilified the crown in the most gratuitous and unnecessary way”. Torres had drawn the cartoon and Fontdevila, the paper’s cartoons editor, wrote the caption. “Do you realise,” says the crown prince in the cartoon, “if you get pregnant this will be the closest thing I’ve done to work in my whole life.” That referred to an announcement by the government that it would pay Spanish couples for each new baby they had. Several months before, in April, the royal couple had their second baby, Sofia.
‘Gratuitous and unnecessary’
Prince Felipe and Letizia were portrayed in an “explicit sexual posture” prosecutors said. Slandering or defaming the Spanish royal family can carry a sentence of up to two years in prison.During their short trial, the defendants said they had done nothing wrong and had depicted members of the royal family in cartoons many times before. Trade unions representing journalists have accused the Spanish judiciary of impeding freedom of speech, says the BBC’s Steve Kingstone in Madrid.”

First off, the Spainish police can try to erase something all they want, but thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet, nothing can be smothered for long. So here is the illustration that is causing all the hubbub (click for a larger image):070720_45108_000b20070720eljueves1.jpg

First off, boo-fucking-hoo. it’s not even that graphic. None of the ‘ol in-out, no money shot, just a little bit of the side of one tit. Big fucking deal. Oh, and banning it will do you a lot of good. If they had just ignored it like sensible people, it would have just ended up forgotten in the trash at the end of the month. Now, bastards like myself are going to throw this thing up all over the place and millions of people will be talking about the royal couple doing it doggystyle for weeks, if not months. I thought it was bad enough what happened with the Danish Mohammed comics from last year, but at least they were concerned about people dying with that one (stupid though it is). So now in Europe you can’t have comics that make fun of religious figures or royal families… Soon to be followed by anything that is critical of the government or government figures in general, soon to be followed by comics in general… Boss Tweed is Pleased.


~ by herodotuswept on November 14, 2007.

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