For one, this was written by a bunch of Baptists, so yeah, that sends my believability radar into the red sharpish. However, the facts contained do seem to measure up to the modest amount of research into this subject I have done (but you have to wade through piles of Christian bullshit to find it). And as we all know, if there are no Atheists or other “non-believers” around, Christians are only too happy to go at it tooth and nail with each other. Case in point:


~ by herodotuswept on November 19, 2007.


  1. Why is it there is nothing in ourselves that ever needs to be exposed. Why is it that only the other guy (the un-Calvinistic) ever need a doctrinal reproof. And how can we possibly be so intellectually superior that our sect of Protestantism is the only one deserving of a passing doctrinal grade. Is it our Holy bigotry? Is that it? Is that alone the grace where in we stand? Is that alone what makes us so superior, and so far above the law?

    • As an unbeliever, all sects seem equally absurd and bigoted to me. I am nothing if not a equal opportunity blasphemer.

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