“Dr.” Dino is a Fucktard

Just in case you didn’t already know…

Kent Hovind is a “young earth” creationist that drives me into a frenzy of near homicidal rage. He calls himself “Dr. Dino” and refers to himself as “Dr. Kent Hovind” even though his “degree” came from a Christian Diploma mill. He also claims to have “taught high school science for 15 years” but no one can find any evidence that he has ever taught a single science class, and if you hear him try to talk science, you can tell why. Kent is currently serving 10 years in Federal prison for 58 counts of tax fraud and attempted murder. I can only hope that he is raped repeatedly and contracts HIV so he can see evolution in action. And yes, he is a complete fucktard. Props to whoever original created this… If I find out who made it, I will update.


~ by herodotuswept on December 6, 2007.

One Response to ““Dr.” Dino is a Fucktard”

  1. This video makes me completely giddy. I will be passing this on.

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