If Hell exists, Janet Folger will Burn in it

At first I was sure this was all a joke. Then I found out this bitch was actually serious. There are a lot of blogs out there reposting and dissecting this “letter from the future” that this “woman” has written… but I really just cannot bring myself to do it… If you can’t see how this whole thing drips with bullshit not only do you not need to be reading this blog, but you should not be wasting the air and water that real people could use. I can’t even bring myself to repost the whole thing, you’ll have to follow the URL. I almost want there to be a hell, becasue right now I can’t think of a fate bad enough for this cunt. Read on if you want to know what I mean…



~ by herodotuswept on December 11, 2007.

One Response to “If Hell exists, Janet Folger will Burn in it”

  1. “Drips with bullshit” is an adequate way to describe her article. The last line makes me want to kick her teeth in. “The guard saw me writing again.” Her attempt to add to her grotesquely distorted image of a persecuted American Christian. Maybe it is because I live in the south but I see no persecution. My neighbors offer literature, say “Praise God for this beautiful day”, and pile into the van for church every Sunday. All of which they do safely and freely. American Christians could use a few history lessons. History is littered with true persecution.

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