LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH: The latest from Biotech

“Videodrone” was always a favorite of mine… But upon reading about some of the newer advancements in the Biotech industry, it is starting to look like the time of “the new flesh” may be on us sooner that one might think…

1) First off, we have the latest news that has been all over the place lately… Scientists have discovered that they can “reprogram” ordinary skin cells to convert to stem cells… If you want the gritty details of the actual study you can go here, but you will have to pay if you want more than the abstract.

2) So you have your nifty stem cells… But how to use them to create things like replacement organs? Why, how about using a inkjet printer? I shit you not… As you can read, they have been doing this at Clemson for over a year and are getting better at it every day…

3) But Videodrone was about technology and flesh merging together, right? So if the old news of having quadriplegics use brain implants to move a mouse cursor by thought doesn’t do it for you, how about a treatment called “Deep Brain Stimulation” that inserts wires into the brain (powered by a “Brain Pacemaker“) to control mental illness, or just to control your mood?


~ by herodotuswept on December 18, 2007.

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