Damned if you do…

Well, was reading Salon’s The Year in Sex and came across a well justified tirade against the Supreme Court’s (all male) desistion to restrict so-called “Partial-Birth Abortions” and Ruth’s stinging rebuttal (it’s on page 3)… but then noticed a link they threw in right at the end to this article from the NY Times about rising costs for Birth Control on campus…

 When the fuck did our country, with it’s “Home of the Free” rhetoric, suddenly get taken over by the Flanders?!?! Christ, it’s enough to make me wish for mutant sperm and/or sterility… or at least make sure I’m quick with the “pull-out” method… The author of this article hit the nail right on the head by entitling this sectionReproductive Rights, or the year in Scary Shit.”


~ by herodotuswept on December 27, 2007.

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