Alan Shepard pissed his Pants (well, his space pants…)

250px-shepard_in_freedom_7.jpgThough not published at the time, the first American in space Alan Shepard (Russian Yuri Gagarin beat Alan to being the first man in space by a month) had a bit of a problem while waiting for takeoff in the Freedom 7. After Shepard was strapped into the capsule the highly nervous group crew continued to check and recheck everything that they could think of. Minutes passed and turned to hours. Soon a highly uncomfortable Shepard radioed to mission control with a all-to-human need… a piss. However, leader of the project (and ex-Nazi) Wherner von Brown did not want to allow for the time that it would take to get Alan in and out of his spacesuit, (almost 4 hours had passed since the scheduled takeoff time) and refused the request. Left with no other recourse, Americas very first astronaut entered space with piss in his suit. (for more info check here)

 Interesting side notes…

-Shepard’s big quote before being placed in the Redstone rocket that would take him and the Freedom 7 into space was “Please, dear God, don’t let me fuck up.” This has since become know by NASA astronauts as “Shepard’s Prayer.” Often you will see this as “Please God don’t let me screw up,” but that’s a bunch of pussy bullshit.

-When asked by reporters what he was thinking while sitting alone in the Redstone awaiting takeoff, Shepard responded “The fact that every part in this ship was made by the lowest bidder.”


~ by herodotuswept on January 12, 2008.

One Response to “Alan Shepard pissed his Pants (well, his space pants…)”

  1. This was quite well documented in the movie “The Right Stuff.”

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