Joe Biden – Not your Friend

Well, its been a while. But I felt like recent events have compelled me to write up a little something with the news the Obama (whom I did support) has picked Joe Biden as his running mate.

The right wing has been all over this, attempting to paint the choice as proof that Obama is getting scared about his lack of experience, blah, blah, blah. All this is false, but here is the thing, Biden is NOT your friend. He’s a fear-monger and a shill. Why do I think this? Here’s a pretty good example:

It’s called the RAVE act. It’s a piece of legislation that was sponsored by Biden back in 2002. The original draft attempted to MAKE SELLING BOTTLED WATER AND GLOW STICKS A CRIME. This is not a joke. The Bill actually lists these items as “drug paraphernalia.” Type “RAVE act” into your favorite search engine if you don’t believe me. Fuck, even Bush wouldn’t have had the balls to try and make bottled water the same as a crack pipe.

This is really fucking with me… I really supported Obama… but first the statements by Obama about INCREASING the amount of OUR tax money given to “faith-based” programs (14% of us don’t believe in these “faiths” after all, not that anyone would know that watching the US media), and now selecting a man that helped create the office of the “Drug Czar” and wanted to give you a criminal record for holding a Glow Stick to help bring “Change”… So much for fucking hope. Is there really any hope now for real change in this country? Because every time I do a bit of research, any hope I had for the future seems to fade away just a bit more.

For more info about the drug policies of Joe Biden, take a look at this page from On the Issues:

And the Wikipedia page on the Rave act: (


~ by herodotuswept on August 25, 2008.

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