Insane Christian “Letters from the Future” Appear Again…

Anyone remember that bullshit little letter “from the future” back when everyone thought Hillary was the shoo-in for the Democratic nomination? The one that claimed that after a Hillary victory Christians would all be rounded up and jailed? Well, they are back again, only this one written by a Focus on the Family nitwit. It’s a 16-page fever fantasy about all the (gay) evils that will result from a Obama Presidency. I’m not joking. Almost every single item is about “gays” taking over the US and all righteous Christians quiting their secular jobs rather than support “the gay agenda.” Reading this thing over, I am stuck by the realization that I truly hope that all of this comes to pass, that Christian adoption agencies who refuse to adopt to homosexuals are forced to close, that public Bible Broadcasting will be considered “Hate Speech” if they pull the fire and brimstone shtick of gays and therefore all be closed down, that Christian Physicians who refuse to provide artificial insemination for lesbian couples are disbarred, all of this seems FANTASTIC to me… which I am assuming was not their intention. And reminds me that this is the exact same shit the Christian crazies were screaming about when it came to doing away with slavery, or treating blacks the same as us white folk…

You can check out the 16-page original rant HERE.

Or, for you people that actually have real lives or can’t handle 16 pages of Fundamentalist Hate, Pandagon has summed everything up nicely for you, including excerpts HERE.

And if your wondering what I’m talking about with the Hillary “letter”, you can check out that post HERE.


~ by herodotuswept on October 24, 2008.

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