Outsourcing the GOP

Hmm… Sometimes tab-reading multiple blogs all at once can lead to some interesting correlations…

From a Politico post titled “Gringrich says GOP is Outmatched”

Gingrich said that the best thing the Republican Party could do right now is stop worrying about the Republican Party. “We need to worry about the nation,” Gingrich said. “Wal-Mart doesn’t get ahead by attacking Sears but by offering better value.”

From a “How the World Works” article at Salon:

Wal-Mart’s recipe for success is no secret:

Wal-Mart, which is often viewed as a barometer for the retail industry, has benefited from its low-price position as shoppers curtail discretionary purchases and seek bargains. In contrast, sales at department stores and specialty retailers have been lagging, in part because of their bigger exposure to discretionary merchandise.

But how does Wal-Mart get the lowest price? In significant measure, by sourcing production of its goods in China. A rough estimate holds that fully 10 percent of the annual trade deficit between the U.S. and China is accounted for by one company — Wal-Mart.

Perhaps the GOP should start purchasing its leaders from China…


~ by herodotuswept on November 14, 2008.

One Response to “Outsourcing the GOP”

  1. Yeah, the most guilty company when it comes to outsourcing is definitely Walmart. They put so much pressure on their suppliers to lower prices that the suppliers are literally forced to move jobs oversees just so they can continue to compete in the Walmart economy. It’s sickening if you really think about it.

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