Origin of the “Heart” Shape

So, here is a belated V-Day type post…

Ever wondered where that fucked up shape that we associate the heart with came from? You know, like that shape over there… cyrene_coinWell, turns out that this is the same shape as one of the most popular early birth control methods: a humble plant known to the Romans as the Silphium, the seeds of which are shaped just like those bone-meal “conversation” candies you throw away every year… This plant became so popular that by the First Century AD, horny Romans had literally harvested the plant to extinction. But the spirit of the Silphium lives on in the form of shitty artwork, tacky cards and scribblings in schoolgirl notebooks. I wonder if Hallmark knows how Pro-Choice those decorations they put up are… or if Christians are going to boycott V-Day for symbolically leading children to sin…

Read on for more…



~ by herodotuswept on February 21, 2009.

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