Will Be Back Soon


Lots going on right now, but posts will be returning soon… but most likely not until after my team ether wins the NHL playoffs (go Carolina and fuck Jersey!) or is eliminated…

Once I return to writing for this I’m thinking of throwing together something on ancient inventors as well as a lengthy thing on  dildos in the archaeological record (Heh Heh, sometimes 3rd grade humor really is the best)…

Until then, enjoy this random assortment of pictures and whatnot. Perhaps, all together, they tell some sort of story (“This is your Modern World” or some such pretentious bullshit) but I will leave the drawing of conclusions to you, the viewer …

Pulled from all over, so I can’t really remember where most of these came from (but some came from The Big Picture, which if you are not checking out on a regular basis, you should start right now), but you are all quite clever so I’m sure if your curious you’ll find them just like I did.











~ by herodotuswept on April 15, 2009.

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